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Connor Barry is a multi-talented artist, coach, and professional mixed martial arts fighter hailing from Stoneham, Massachusetts. With a passion for both physical and creative pursuits, Connor has dedicated his life to mastering various forms of expression

While his athletic prowess has earned him a reputation in the MMA world, his artistic talent is equally impressive. Connor’s preferred mediums are charcoal, colored pencils, and paint marker, though he’s known to experiment with non-traditional methods, including cutout drawings and collages.

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Connor honed his artistic skills at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Fine Arts and Psychology. His background in psychology is reflected in his art, which often explores complex emotions and thought-provoking themes.

featured in numerous galleries and art shows

Connor’s work has been featured in numerous galleries and art shows, earning him a dedicated following of art enthusiasts and collectors. Whether he’s coaching aspiring fighters, stepping into the ring himself, or creating thought-provoking pieces in his studio, Connor Barry is a true Renaissance man with unmatched talent and work ethic.”